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Alpaca Fibre Network (Aust)

AFN(Aust)'s classing protocol is aimed at supplying a consistent, objectively measured, quality product to buyers and processors who can feel comfortable in knowing that what they order is what they get. A product which is consistent in colour, micron, and handle, and doesn't contain contamination by colour, hair, or other foreign objects.

By supplying a consistent product, we believe we can obtain repeat orders.

Below are our current Huacaya fleece lines. There may be some minor tweaks to this depending on customer demand, so for the latest information, speak to a co-ordinator.

At this time we are concentrating on Huacaya fleeces, but fully intend to have Suri breeders involved in the near future. If you are interested in helping with Suri fleece collections, then please contact your nearest co-ordinator!