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Alpaca Fibre Network (Aust) contacts for each location are listed below:

South Australia : Kerry and Jolyon Porter
Yacka Ridge Alpacas
PH: 0407 602 039
AFN(Aust) SA

Tasmania : Janelle and Byron Jago
Toffeemont Alpacas
PH: (03) 6269 2275

Victoria : Keate and Annette Woodgate
Annkea Alpacas
PH: 0419 550 826

Western Australia : Vacant

New South Wales : Vacant

Queensland : Vacant

At this stage AFNA is still looking for members who are prepared to act as Co-ordinators in various locations around the country to reduce travel distances for growers. The requirements for being a co-ordinator are fairly simple and flexible.

* A desire to work with and help other growers to build a sustainable and reliable producer network is imperative.

* Having a shed or building suitable for sorting and storage of fleece is highly desirable, as is a good sense of organisation.

* We need members who are prepared to take on even just one or two colours of fleece.

* We also need breeders prepared to cater for Suri fleeces in various areas - even if it is Suri fleeces alone!

We have buyers interested in most colours and types of fleece already, and this can only expand to all classes as we grow the network and prove the system works. So we need to cater for, and collect, all types and colours from the start. This will give us the ability to fill orders quickly and efficiently, maximising sales and prices to growers.

To find out more, simply contact one of the above co-ordinators.