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Shearing Protocol

Classing Protocol



Alpaca Fibre Network (Aust)

To maintain the strict classing lines for AFNA, the shearer should follow the shearing requirements of 'saddle off first', especially for finer micron animals.

Why should this be done?

By taking the complete saddle off before shearing any other part of the animal you reduce the level of contamination which can occur from:
* second cuts of stronger fibre from the belly and/or legs,
* air floating contamination from stronger fibre,
* contamination from fleece caught in the handpeace,
* second cuts of stronger fibre falling onto saddle fleece, etc.

This type of contamination can lead to a downgrading of an entire fleece, or potentially a complete bale!

Whilst 'saddle first' might seem a bit daunting at first, in practice it is only a small change to the procedure, and most shearers adapt to this method quite quickly, with very little loss of time.