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NEWS FLASH - Important information - for details see Latest News page

Alpaca Fibre Network Australia was set up in 2013 by a group of Alpaca breeders from around Australia, with a number of goals.

1) Collect, objectively class, and sell alpaca fleece to buyers who appreciate the superior qualities of this wonderful fibre;
2) Collect and market all colours and grades of fleece, both Huacaya and Suri;
3) Obtain the best price possible for the growers;
4) Ensure growers are fully aware of the requirements for achieving the best price possible through education workshops, and electronic communication;
5) Minimise costs involved in operating the collection and sale system.

As our name implies, this is a network of alpaca breeders who are working as a team to supply a raw product in a consistent and sustainable way. To help with these goals, it is imperative that all members abide by the motto of "Breeders working with breeders" and ensure the workload of collecting and classing fleece is not left to a few.

In other words, this is not a 'drop and run' set-up - contributors are expected to help skirt, class and sort their own fleeces (under supervision) and donate some extra time to help the organisation run smoothly. This way the growers will learn more about their own fleeces, as well as see how others are working to improve their quality of fleece.

At this time their is no membership fee, just a expectation that members will put in time and effort to assist the co-ordinators with duties required to successfully collect, class and move fleece. To avoid a membership fee, it is envisioned that members will donate their 'pieces' to AFNA, which can then be sold to create a 'running costs' income.

BUYERS - Please contact one of the Co-ordinators for detailed information on how our quality assurance scheme can work to supply you with a product of consistent colour, micron and quality for each order. We aim to ensure you are a return customer!